Slat blinds

Pro-actively designing your daylight

Slat blinds from Schenker Storen combine premium daylight control with a pleasant darkening effect to create an inviting atmosphere.

Purposeful energy efficiency – With our slat blind you can enjoy cool temperatures inside while the sun is blazing in the sky and reduce heat loss during the colder months. The elegant design elements for the facade fulfil demanding requirements in terms of functionality and aesthetics, and have proven their exceptional versatility in countless applications, both in work and home environments.

Our slat blind guarantees the required wind stability even on exposed facades. Slat blinds with anti-lift devices are characterised by their stability and offer break-in protection for additional security, especially in rooms on the ground floor.

Even greater comfort – Our slat blind can best satisfy your needs and desires thanks to the available options such as a built-in insect screen – a space-saving and clever combination.

All-metal blind GM 200

Our gem

The elegant all-metal blind GM 200 is our gem among slat blinds. Architects and building owners really value it because it is unique and meets high aesthetic standards. The great advantage with an all-metal blind is the smooth look of the drop which is not distorted by textile or lifting cords. The rocker and raising mechanics are concealed in the side guides permitting maximum darkening effect and heat insulation, and makes the blind easier to clean. Thanks to the built-in anti-lift device, the all-metal blind also satisfies increased requirements for protection against break-ins. It is very wind-stable, extremely robust and durable.

Metal compact venetian blind MV 90

The comfortable choice with ingenious added value

The metal compact venetian blind MV 90 is our upgrade from the compact venetian blind VR 90.
It has all the characteristics of the tried and tested VR 90, and a lot more besides. It ensures maximum security with its active locking mechanism and special slat guide. It is sturdy, low maintenance and, thanks to its sophisticated design, suitable for all types of buildings. Because a lifting cord is not threaded through the slats, it provides maximum darkening and heat insulation. The metal compact venetian blind is used everywhere that places greater demands on quality and versatility.

Compact venetian blind VR 70 / VR 90

The popular all-rounder

Its vast range of applications makes our compact venetian blind extremely appealing. It is suitable for single-family homes and apartment buildings, as well as public buildings and office blocks, and adapts both aesthetically and technically to the most diverse building settings. The special shape of its slats ensures a complete and accurate control of the amount of daylight let in. This means the lighting in the room can be actively arranged to create the ideal living and working atmosphere, as well as the environment for a restful sleep. The proven compact venetian blind technology is easy to operate, quiet and extremely popular.

Convex venetian blind KR 60 / KR 80

The refined conservative

Our convex venetian blind stands out with its high-quality and classic look. The elegant convex shape of its slats makes it something really special and offers and interesting design alternative. Owing to its wide range of applications, it has proven a great choice for single-family homes and apartment buildings as well as public buildings. Because it is space-saving when installed, it is also ideal for renovations.

The slats can be freely adjusted, making it possible to create individual lighting schemes. The convex venetian blind is easy to use, quiet and fitted with all the qualities that make it a favourite among blinds.

Economy slat blind EC 70 / EC 80 / EC 100

The smart one with style

The discreet Economy slat blind is our answer to an aesthetic lightweight construction. It is ideally suited for all sites that want to create an open and elegant look for their facade, e.g. administration buildings, office buildings and schools. The extremely flat slats and fine cord guides blend in subtly with the facade increasing the view to the outside. The blind can be adjusted to suit individual needs and offers optimum regulation of natural light. This simply constructed slat blind covers the basic requirements of sun, glare and sight protection and, thanks to its minimal space requirements, is also ideal for renovations.

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