Insect screen systems

Ingenious and reliable

All in one: Schenker Storen’s insect screen system is a fail-proof solution for every window and every door. Protect your indoor rooms with our various insect screens that fulfil countless needs. They are inconspicuous, storm-proof and tear-resistant; they are also extremely easy to use and have a long service life.

They are really impressive with their high-quality materials, sophisticated technology and excellent workmanship. No matter if it is a mesh screen panel, swing door, rollable blind, pleated blind or sliding system, Schenker Storen has the ideal and perfect solution for every situation.

Custom-fitted, unrestricted and effective insect screen systems

Our wide range of insect screen systems cater for almost every kind of window, door and lightwell. Without much effort, they can be mounted and retrofitted on frames made of wood, aluminium and plastic. The sturdy aluminium profiles fit in inconspicuously with the frames while ensuring the unrestricted use of your doors, windows and sun shading systems. The entire textile mesh is extremely dirt-repellent and washable. Different functional textiles also effectively filter out particles floating in the air, such as pollen, making them ideal for people suffering from allergies.

Width: min. 500 mm - max. 8000 mm*
Height: min. 50 mm - max. 2500 mm*
Maximum area: 20 m2
*Dimensions for sliding doors


Sliding door

Sliding door

In this design, the insect screen systems are pushed open and shut along the sliding door. These sliding door systems slide with great ease in the tracks, brake gently and take up very little space. They are ideally suited for large lift-and-slide doors and tilt-and-slide doors. Designs with more than one leaf are possible in this variant and can cover a window surface area of up to 20 m2. They can be operated both from the inside and outside.

Pleated blind door

Pleated blind door

In this design, the textile of the insect screen folds away horizontally and is optimally protected when not in use. Due to its low installation depth, a pleated blind door is particularly suitable for small spaces. The pleated insect screen system has a sturdy aluminium frame and is completely free of any tripping hazards.

It is very quiet and can be operated both from the inside and the outside without any effort.

Swing door

Swing door

As a swing door, the insect screen system is characterised by its exceptional ease of use, as it can be operated hands-free. The door automatically swings back into its original position and as such has a reliable automatic locking mechanism. The swing door insect screen system is fitted with a crossbar to keep the unit stable.

Mesh screen panel

Mesh screen panel

All kinds of windows can be sealed without gaps with our mesh screen insect panel systems. It slots in easily into the window frame from the inside. The frames and the handles remain inconspicuous. The mesh screen panels are particularly robust, wind-stable and easy to clean. They are also suitable for use in listed buildings.

Rollable blinds

Rollable blinds

A rollable blind makes for a great insect screen both on windows and doors.

It is operated in the same way as a conventional rollable blind. The covering can be opened and closed with a wand or there is even a motorised version. In this design, the roller is fully integrated into a cassette and a spring brake prevents the weight bar shooting back up again. The retractable insect screen is also extremely wind-stable thanks to the guide rails down the sides.

A whole range of options for even greater comfort

There is a whole range of options on offer for our insect screen solutions, so they can best satisfy your needs and desires. Exclusive textiles and technical colours help you design your living space according to your own ideas. For even more comfort, certain designs can be controlled using our clever Smart Home solutions.




1. Types of fabrics

Quality of life with the right textiles

Our insect screen systems are fitted as standard with the tried and tested fibreglass mesh, in a grey colour. We also offer an exclusive collection to cater for individual needs, like the Polltec® textile that lets the air in while keeping 99 per cent of the pollen out. There are also textiles for cat owners, stainless-steel textiles, even electrosmog protective grilles.

2. Colours

Decoration and protection

Match the colour of the frame and all the profiles with your windows, facades or furniture. At Schenker Storen there is an almost endless selection of colours to cater for the colour scheme of your choice. All anodised or powder-coated profiles are scratchproof and dirt-repellent, and guarantee long-lasting colourfastness.

3. Types of drive

Manual or electric?

Our insect screen system can be adjusted both manually with a wand or a motor. If you prefer, certain designs can be controlled wirelessly with or without a battery, or you can integrate them into a Smart Home system so you can operate them with ease at the push of a button via a central control unit or on your smartphone.

4. Smart Home

At Schenker Storen you can find controller solutions for single-family homes or apartments right up to more intricate controller systems for large office buildings. Virtually all weather data can be recorded and analysed with our control devices. This means the system is able to respond in the best way to every situation.

Lamellenstoren - Option Smart Home 1
Lamellenstoren - Option Smart Home 2



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