Fabric blinds

Providing effective protection and natural lighting

Fabric blinds from Schenker Storen are very popular fabric shading systems designed for windows, entrances, balconies and loggias. What makes them special: They combine effective sun and glare protection with regulated daylight and ensure your interior spaces are bathed in natural light.
The transparent fabrics used in our fabric blinds allow you to enjoy your views outside but block out the bright glare of the sun, thereby ensuring a healthy living and working atmosphere.

Technical sophistication coupled with high-performance fabrics – Our fabric blinds effortlessly provides demonstrable thermal protection and ensures natural air conditioning. The multi-faceted design elements for the facade fulfil the highest demands in terms of large dimensions, shapes and aesthetics. There are no gaps in our vertical fabric blind; it is extremely wind-stable, provides complete darkening and is sealed down the sides to ensure maximum privacy and a good night’s sleep.

Wind-stable vertical fabric blind VSe ZIP / VSe EBA

Windstabile Vertikalstoffstoren

The highly effective and yet stylish textile

Schenker Storen’s wind-stable vertical fabric blind fulfils the highest demands when it comes to large-area shading and great aesthetics. It is mostly installed in single-family homes and apartment buildings but is also particularly suitable for facades exposed to the wind.
Because there are no gaps down the sides of the vertical fabric blind, it provides complete privacy and the perfect darkening effect for a restful sleep. The high-performance fabric plays a major role in improving the building’s energy efficiency and air conditioning.
The wind-stable vertical fabric blind can also be used as sight and glare protection for pergolas. It keeps insects out, is easy to look after and practically maintenance-free.

Vertical fabric blind VS 95 / VS 150 / VSe


The classic flexible choice

The vertical fabric blind is our classic choice for discreet, vertical sun shading on facades, loggias and balconies. It offers huge design potential for facades and fits in beautifully with different building situations. It is suitable for small to medium-sized window fronts and is mainly used in single-family homes and apartment buildings.
When the sun is out, the vertical fabric blind creates an optimum darkening effect inside, but doesn’t block the view to the outside and still lets the fresh air in to circulate. It is adaptable, durable and has proven itself beyond all doubt with its wide range of applications.

Extendable blind AS 95 / AS 150 / ASR 95


The sophisticated choice – making the most of natural lighting

Our extendable blind brings together all the advantages of a vertical awning with those of a drop-arm awning.
It can help create a harmonious appearance, especially on straight facades, and is frequently used in residential complexes as well as office buildings, and increasingly in single-family homes.
The extendable blind is the ideal choice for providing both ventilation and sun shading in the room. The retractable arms can be freely adjusted in every position up to an angle of 180°. So, when the extendable blind is fully extended, not only does it provide maximum shade, it still lets you fully enjoy the natural light without sitting in direct sunlight.

Extendable awning AM 95 / AM 150


Good old trusty with plenty of flair

Our classic style of awning, and at times the most steeped in history, is ideal for windows, entrances and balconies everywhere. The extendable awning is the ideal choice for creating a natural lighting and ventilation system in the room whilst blocking uncomfortable glare. Its simple construction manages to cover large areas and is perfectly suited for windows and loggias. The wow factor: It still has a deep projection even if the size of width is limited. The extendable awning is very versatile. It is wonderfully suited for public and office buildings, and always maintains the charm of listed buildings.

Facade awning FM 150 / FMc

The lively multi-tasker with a licence to create

The facade awning is our answer for wherever straight, curved or multiple curved guides are used in winter gardens, glazed lobbies or exhibition spaces. Its colour and shape can be adapted to suit any style of architecture – and it offers a little something extra: you can use it to create a unique combination of roof and facade covering for a completely new kind of facade design.
The high-quality facade awning even provides optimum shading for large areas of glazed facades and roofing – plus, its robust construction and long service life never fail to impress. No matter whether the surface is vertical, sloped or horizontal, the facade awning adapts to any situation.

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