KNX Controller

Standardised technology

The KNX bus system is widely used around the world in building and room automation. Because it is standardised, it is easy to combine devices from different manufacturers and trades. KNX is suitable for both independent shading systems and networked room automation – from a Smart Home to an office block. In our capacity, we supply parts to the system integrators or execute your project for blind controllers from start to finish. Delve into our world of KNX.

One system – all the possibilities

Success through standardisation

KNX’s resounding success is based on standardisation: over 500 manufacturers offer more than 8,000 components that can communicate with each other without gateways or other accessories. A uniform configuration software (ETS) is used for the programming. Building owners are not restricted to just one manufacturer or product, they are free to choose an open standard.

The futureproof choice

The lifespan or useful life of real estate is not counted in years but decades. KNX technology has been on offer for over 30 years and it remains, as before, completely compatible. And there is a central body to ensure this will continue to be the case in the future: the KNX Association in Brussels.

KNX from Schenker Storen

As a specialist for shading system controllers, we offer a choice range of KNX products to optimally control your shading drives. We focus on safety (for the user and the product), comfort through proven priorities and optimum energy efficiency through smart automatic functions. Take advantage of our know-how, which we offer in the form of actuators, weather stations and other devices:

  • Use the push-button interface on the actuators to cost-effectively operate the devices either individually or in groups.
  • Use the automatic functions down to the individual actuator output for a customised and flexible automation.
  • The facade controller of the weather station can be used on smaller and medium-sized properties – further centralised components are not required.
  • Our first flush-mounted actuators are ideal for renewing old conventional controllers – also for 3 end switches.
  • In larger properties and for extensive automatic functions, our SE 1000 controller is ideal as a central control unit in a KNX bus system.


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