Components and accessories

Complete your controller system

For a controller to run smoothly as an entire system, it is often the components working out of sight in the background that ensure this happens. That is why, as a competent project partner, in addition to the multifunctional controller systems such as our SE1000, we also offer the necessary accessories and other helpful components.

Parallel control units

There is only one supply line to the outside, but were two shading systems installed with one motor each? Or should two motors be operated at the same time from a single switch? Parallel control units must be used to ensure the drives are not damaged by the parallel connection. These are available in a practical plug-in housing for an external installation in the recess or alternatively as a flush-mounted option for installation behind the switch.


Motor control devices

Our conventional motor control devices do not have to be directed or configured. Simply create groups of blinds that can be operated with the usual buttons for the blinds. There are control devices that can be installed on a cap rail (for modular devices) as well as a flush-mounted option. - for motors with one or two lower limit switches.



Control of 24VDC drives

Controlling DC motors do not require just a transformer with a rectifier, but also a polarity reversing circuit to define the direction of rotation (UP and DOWN). This can be done with our KNX actuator for 24V DC motors, which also works without a KNX bus operation, or with the flush-mounted control device including a transformer.


In addition to the control devices, we also offer assembly aids for weather sensors and various storage devices to round off your overall system.



Would you like to find out more about our controller solutions? Our Controllers and Smart Home team looks forward to helping you with your project.

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