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Our controller and bus systems can show off their full potential in larger properties and complex applications in commercial buildings. As a manufacturer of shading systems, we understand the mechanics of blinds and what is needed to optimally automate from the ground up.

Complete building automation is featuring more and more frequently in plans for new building projects in particular, but also where extensive renovation of old buildings is required. The automated control of the shading system has an important role to play in all this. When set properly, blind controllers offer countless benefits:

  • Functions that help lower the running costs of your building while making it more energy efficient
  • Striking the perfect balance between natural and artificial lighting, as well as glare prevention
  • Protecting light and temperature-sensitive products, e.g. pharmaceuticals or food items, thereby helping to retain their value
  • Execution of certificate requirements for heat input
  • Protecting and extending the service life of your shading system with protection against the wind and frost, and hail alerts
  • Satisfied users, leasers and buyers thanks to mutually agreed functions and decades of experience

Unlike our Smart Home ((Link)) products, our controller solutions are specifically designed for use in commercial buildings: Mostly wired, for medium to complex requirements working off common standards. In a modular design, which you can easily adapt to suit your growing needs.

Schenker Storen is your project partner for the supply, planning support and design of complete controller systems from the actuators and shading system control units to the weather sensors. We keep abreast of all the latest technologies and products, and we are happy to support and advise architects, building owners and electrical planners.

Our controller systems and services

Schenker Storen offers controller solutions that can be adjusted to suit your needs exactly. Our services for controller projects range from advising and the extension of shading concepts to tailored programming, commissioning and documentation of the system. Even after the system is installed, we are still here to help you if, for example, your needs change or for building conversions. We provide fast turnaround times for the necessary changes to your controller.

Controller system SE 1000

The all-rounder

With this high-end controller from Schenker Storen, we automate all kinds of drives in a build-ing, e.g. windows, blinds and awnings. The controller can be integrated into higher-level sys-tems and offers various options for remote maintenance. The SE 1000 was designed for large properties and developments, but can also show off its strengths in single-family homes.

KNX Controller

Standardised technology

The KNX bus system is widely used around the world in building and room automation. Because it is standardised, it is easy to combine devices from different manufacturers and trades. KNX is suitable for both independent shading systems and networked room automation – from a Smart Home to an office block. In our capacity, we supply parts to the system integrators or execute your project for blind controllers from start to finish. Delve into our world of KNX.

SE 400 Controller

The middle class

The SE 400 control centre is designed for medium-sized properties where networked building automation is not wanted, but the shading systems still have to be efficiently controlled auto-matically.

Components and accessories

Complete your controller system

For a controller to run smoothly as an entire system, it is often the components working out of sight in the background that ensure this happens. That is why, as a competent project partner, in addition to the multifunctional controller systems such as our SE1000, we also offer the necessary accessories and other helpful components.

Services for controller projects

From advising to commissioning – and much more

We sell solutions, not just products. Our services make all the difference. Any number of requirements must be taken into consideration to ensure your shading system controller continues to provide the advantages you want for many years to come. We know what to look out for – and you benefit from a smooth execution.


Would you like to find out more about our controller systems? Contact us. Our Controllers and Smart Home team looks forward to helping you with your project.

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