Smart Home

Increased comfort, security and energy efficiency

Most of our sun and weather protection products can be controlled and networked through smart controller systems. Remotely controlled at the touch of a button. Or on a smartphone and tablet. This not only makes it convenient, it also increases your level of security while reducing your energy consumption. Smart Home solutions can also be easily added to existing systems at a later date.

You no longer need to exert yourself with the arduous task of moving crank handles to shade an entire facade or terrace. With a motor controller like the SE100, you can do all this at the touch of a button. Smart Home solutions don’t stop there, they network different devices and home installations and allow you to enter pre-programmed schedules. The latest technology in a stylish design ensures you benefit from a perfect climate of well-being in your home – both indoors and out, at any time of day, from anywhere.

In addition to being able to operate the Smart Home system with just a few clicks, you can also integrate weather sensors. These automate several procedures such as the automatic lowering of the blinds when there is too much sunlight coming in, or raising them to protect them against strong winds.

The range of functions offered by Smart Home solutions has been designed with private households in mind, as well as manageable office and commercial buildings. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting a new construction project or busy with the renovation of an old building, Smart Home offers plenty of advantages.

At a glance:

  • Comfort: Opening and closing the sun shading system at the touch of a button or maintaining a pleasant indoor temperature with automated shading. Everything can be easily set and controlled via your smartphone.
  • Networking: Linking the shading system to other applications, such as the lighting, heating and security components. The multi-system control allows you to configure scenario-shading, integrate online services and voice control.
  • Sustainability through energy efficiency: Automatic functions help save energy spent on heating and air conditioning, and therefore on costs too.
  • Security: Integration of motion sensors, cameras or smart doorbells and presence simulation via your smartphone while on holiday.
  • Flexibility: Set your sun shading while you’re on your way home from work, or, for even greater convenience, automate it with the geofencing function (create scenes using your mobile’s GPS tracking feature).

Would you like more?

For the more complex and sophisticated applications in your Smart Home, or for commercial property and office buildings, Schenker Storen recommends you use multi-functional building controller systems, using, for example, the internationally recognised KNX standard. For more information about this system click here.

Smart Home products at a glance

When it comes to Smart Home solutions, Schenker Storen offers a whole variety of product options that can be used to suit varying requirements and structural conditions.


Would you like to find out more about our Smart Home solutions? Contact us. Our Controllers and Smart Home team looks forward to helping you with your project in an advisory capacity.

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