Panel curtain

Easy to change, easy to love

The panel curtain is our master of surprise effects and dividing up spaces. It wide fabric panels are decorative with an artistic touch and almost look like they are floating. Their minimalist design and the harmonious synergy between the fabric and technology are real head turners. Our panel curtains are particularly suitable as sight and glare protection in floor-to-ceiling windows or as decorative room dividers. With the different degrees of transparency, material textures, themes and colours, there is virtually no end to the creative possibilities of our panel curtains.

Airy sight and glare protection to create impressive overlay effects

Our panel curtain works by attaching so-called panel carriers – that can be easily and freely positioned – in the runner channel of the curtain track. The 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6-channel tracks can be precision customised to satisfy all installation requirements, be it on the wall or ceiling. The systems are assembled with clips, clamping levers or slim supports, depending on the design. The basic profile of the track is made from sturdy and durable extruded aluminium.

The individual panels can either be moved freely by hand or using a draw rod, cord pull or electric drive.

Depending on the design, the fabric panel is fixed to the panel carrier using a Velcro strip or hooked on with an innovative mounting system. The lower ends of the fabric panels are weighted down with a sewn-in profile so they hang in an even line.

Width: min. 300 mm - max. 5900 mm
Height: bis max. 3500 mm
Maximum area: 20 m2


Installation on wall or ceiling with clearance

Installation on wall or ceiling with clearance

With this variant, the track is attached to the ceiling or wall with several supports mounted at intervals. When mounted on the wall, the support creates a clearance between the area to be shaded and the panel curtain, giving the system an elegant and effortless effect.

Installation on wall or ceiling without clearance

Installation on wall or ceiling without clearance

In this variant, the track is either attached directly on the ceiling or front-mounted on the wall with inconspicuous wall brackets or clips. The components in this installation variant look as though they form a single piece.

CARAT_24 mounting system

CARAT_24 mounting system

With the innovative CARAT_24 mounting system, the panel carriers can be directly connected to and disconnected from the track from below – the ideal solution when installing inside a recess. The unique mounting system fits perfectly into the small tracks and is concealed from view. The result: the panel carriers look sleek and elegant from any angle. The clip or angle brackets specially developed for the system, are used to attached the track invisibly to the wall or ceiling. This innovative mounting system permits the optimum alignment of the fabric panels and the easy connection and removal of the drop, if it needs to be cleaned or to change the position of the carriers.

Wall or ceiling installation

Wall or ceiling installation

Depending on the design variant, our panel curtain can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. Here the system is mounted in front of the window and covers the entire window recess. There are various fixing systems available, such as clips, angle brackets and wall brackets. On request, horizontally curved systems can also be manufactured to fit curved and semi-circular walls or window surfaces.

A whole range of options for even greater comfort

There is a whole range of options on offer for our panel curtain, so it can best satisfy your needs and desires. Countless fabric designs to help you design an inviting living space. For even more comfort, certain designs can be operated with a motor.




1. Fabrics

Live better with beautiful fabrics

In addition to protecting from glaring sunlight, prying eyes and keeping the heat in or out, fabrics also diffuse the lighting in the room. Our panel curtain comes in a variety of qualities and designs to suit different needs, such as suitability for wet rooms like kitchens and bathrooms, plus flame retardancy or darkening. Our collection has a wide selection of different degrees of transparency, fancy designs and elegant structures inspired by the trends in urbanity and nature. The majority of our exclusive textiles are certified according to the Oeko-Tex® standard 100 and have a long service life.

2. Colours

Decoration and protection

Match the colour of the frame and all the profiles with your windows, facades or furniture. At Schenker Storen there is an almost endless selection of colours to cater for the colour scheme of your choice. All anodised or powder-coated profiles are scratchproof and dirt-repellent, and guarantee long-lasting colourfastness.

3. Types of drive

Manual or electric?

Our panel curtain can be set manually by hand, with a draw rod or cord pull, or via a motor. If you prefer, the individual drops can be fitted with an actuator so the system always opens and closes in the same order.

4. Smart Home

At Schenker Storen you can find controller solutions for single-family homes or apartments right up to more intricate controller systems for large office buildings. Virtually all weather data can be recorded and analysed with our control devices. This means the system is able to respond in the best way to every situation.

Lamellenstoren - Option Smart Home 1
Lamellenstoren - Option Smart Home 2



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