ZIP-Pergola ZP 7

The light and breezy choice

Our ZIP pergola builds on the advantages of a sun blind, offering extremely reliable protection from the wind and rain. Its dainty, breezy design and exclusive water-resistant collection of fabrics fit in beautifully with facades and terraces of all sizes, creating an inviting, harmonious overall look. Our ZIP pergola can be fitted with LED lighting and numerous other comfort features to create a relaxation oasis for every day, and almost any time of year.

The dainty roll-up pergola in a box

Our ZP 7 is a wind and rain-resistant fabric canopy pergola with secure fabric guides down the sides, that packs neatly away. It is powered by an electric motor as standard and its projection extends out to seven metres. The fabric can be fully retracted into the box where it is perfectly protected against the effects of the wind and weather. The shading fabric is 100% waterproof and can be selected from our unique fabric collection. The entire aluminium structure is powder-coated and treated against corrosion. Its colour can be individually selected. Its built-in drainage system channels the rain water down the front posts and out into the ground.

The ZP 7 is available in two designs: with or without an electric footing. The electric footing tensions the fabric even more, so it can be tilted at a smaller angle. The width and projection of our ZIP pergola can be modularly extended to flexible dimensions.

Width: 2000 mm – 5000 mm
Projection: 2500 mm – 7000 mm
Maximum area: 28 m2
Maximum wind speed: 88 km/h (Wind class 6)


With footing

With footing

The difference with this version is the special anchoring mechanism built into the end rail. When the fabric is opened out, the end rail hooks into the fixture of the electromagnet. This ensures the fabric is properly tensioned and that the water drains away even at an angle of just 7°.

Without footing

Without footing

This version does not have an electric locking mechanism, so the end rail does not hook into the end caps. The inclination of the roof has to be set at a higher angle to ensure the water drains away properly.

Installation on wall

Installation on wall

The ZIP pergola is mounted flush on the wall as standard. Two brackets are mounted for each installation. These and all the other fixing elements are completely covered with powder-coated covers on the sides, top and underneath creating a unified overall look. The external dimensions of the cover are 20.7 cm in height; it is firmly held in place with great delicacy.

A whole range of options for even more comfort

There is a whole range of options on offer for our ZIP pergola, so it can best satisfy your needs and desires. Countless fabric designs and a wide selection of colours for the frames help you create a beautiful look for your terraces, balconies and garden seating areas. For even more comfort, our products can be controlled using our clever Smart Home solutions. Our wide selection of sensors for the sun, wind and rain guarantee a safe operation in perfect synch with your product.




1. Fabrics

Live better with beautiful fabrics

In addition to protecting from glaring sunlight, prying eyes and keeping the heat in or out, fabrics also diffuse the lighting in the room and are an integral part of the interior design. Everyone is sure to find a shade they like in our unique fabric collection, carefully selected for the ZIP pergola. All of Schenker Storen’s selected fabrics are tested brand textiles and have a long service life. For our fabric canopy pergolas, we offer PVC-coated polyester textiles to suit various needs, such as being waterproof, provide glare protection and reflection.

2. Colours

Decoration and protection

Match the colour of the aluminium structure, supports and frames with your window, facades or furniture. At Schenker Storen there is an almost endless selection of colours to cater for the colour scheme of your choice. The powder-coating makes our products weather-resistant, scratchproof and dirt-repellent, and guarantees long-lasting colour fastness.

3. Built-in LED strip lighting

A harmonious light source for outdoor living

The elegant LED strip lighting is installed lengthways on the inside of the two guide profiles. The LEDs can be easily dimmed to create a cosy setting as they cast a very flattering light over the terrace.

4. Wind-stable vertical fabric blinds

Side wind and sight protection

Our ZIP pergola can be extended all round the sides with wind-stable vertical fabric blinds. Our selection of high-performance fabrics provide excellent privacy and glare protection while creating a peaceful sanctuary under the fabric canopy. The fabric is arranged precisely in the box, which fits in beautifully with the aesthetics and colour of the pergola.

5. Glazing

Wind and weather protection down the sides

You can install three types of glazing all round the sides to protect against the effects of the wind and weather. They are made from high-quality single-pane safety glass, space-saving, easy to operate and fitted in part with a free-flowing floor rail.

Fixed glazing: mounted in a fixed position; encased in elegant, slim yet very stable aluminium profiles.

Folding glazing: The glass panels can be individually opened across the entire front and stack neatly to the side taking up minimal space.

Sliding glazing: The sliding glass panels can be moved in parallel. When one sliding panel is opened or closed, the other one automatically opens and closes as well.

6. Types of drive

Switch or smartphone?

The ZIP pergola can only be powered with a motor. On request, it can be controlled wirelessly or you can integrate it into a Smart Home system so you can operate it with ease at the push of a button via a central control unit or on your smartphone.

Lamellenstoren - Option Antriebsarten Wandschalter

7. Smart Home

At Schenker Storen you can find controller solutions for single-family homes or apartments right up to more intricate controller systems for large office buildings. Virtually all weather data can be recorded and analysed with our control devices. This means the system is able to respond in the best way to every situation.

Lamellenstoren - Option Smart Home 1
Lamellenstoren - Option Smart Home 2


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