SE 400 Controller

The middle class

The SE 400 control centre is designed for medium-sized properties where networked building automation is not wanted, but the shading systems still have to be efficiently controlled automatically.

Easy to use

Operating and programming the SE400 does not require any additional software or special knowledge. All of the settings are entered directly and clearly in the display. The functions are in no way inferior to the “big” controllers and the compact weather station supplies all the necessary readings. All of this makes the SE400 a popular central control unit for ordinary commercial, industrial and school buildings.

Automation of multiple shading systems

The SE400 can control four individual groups of shading systems – mostly these are the four cardinal directions of the facade:

  • Shading function following the position and angle of the sun, incl. sun tracking slats and temperature lock
  • Timer programs with easily selectable active days
  • Wind protection function for secure retraction during storms
  • Precipitation and frost protection programs
  • Changeover to manual or automatic mode and automatic reset
  • Settings block with security code

To control the motors, the SE400 is used with our conventional 2x motor control device or 4x motor control devices for the cap rail, or also with the flush-mounted version depending on the installation.

The central control unit can also be built into the front of a control cabinet, but is equally well suited for a wall installation.

Its further plus points are the various input contacts, which can be used as a central control, for example, with a caretaker’s key switch. In many buildings, the fire alarm or a hail protection box from the building insurance must also be installed, to ensure all the shading systems are securely locked.

So the SE400 helps make sure that, even in buildings with a low level of automation, the shading systems are used as energy-efficiently as possible and that they are effectively protected from the effects of the wind and weather.


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