Services for controller projects

From advising to commissioning – and much more

We sell solutions, not just products. Our services make all the difference. Any number of requirements must be taken into consideration to ensure your shading system controller continues to provide the advantages you want for many years to come. We know what to look out for – and you benefit from a smooth execution.

Everything is taken care of

We are not in the business of delivering cookie-cutter solutions. We know that requirements differ depending on the sector, end use, environment and the shading system selected. That is why we bring our experience to the table. We advise you from identifying the requirements, throughout the planning phase and right up to your training. You get the total package with us: a complete blind controller together with the commissioning, handover and briefing. This means we are obviously happy to work together with electricians.

Examples of our services:

  • Clarification of your needs and support in the planning, either on site or at your offices
  • Working out the best solutions and variants with cost estimates
  • Consultation and recommendations on the positioning of wind sensors
  • Programming and configuration of central control units, actuators and sensors
  • Supply of pre-programmed and labelled components, even preinstalled in completely wired control cabinets and distribution boards
  • Commissioning of complete systems, which can also be done in stages
  • Assistance with integral tests, approvals and training on site
  • Complete documentation with functional descriptions, zone plans, assignment of motors, protocols and diagrams
  • Extending, readjusting and servicing of existing systems
  • Appraisal, recommendations and concepts for the (gradual) renewal of older controllers
  • Advice and support from system integrators


Would you like to find out more about our controller solutions? Our Controllers and Smart Home team looks forward to helping you with your project.

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