Controller SE 100

Easy-to-use control

Would you like to protect your awnings from strong winds or automatically shade your winter garden? The SE100 is just what you need if you are looking for a simple, wired controller for your blinds or awnings and do not need smartphone controllers or to network with the other devices in your home.

The easy-to-use SE 100 control device can control individual motors and even motor groups for slat blinds, fabric blinds and awnings. This device is most suitable for use in single-family homes, shop windows and exhibition rooms, as well as for shading seating areas and winter gardens. You simply install it in a standard Gr. 1 concealed socket.

Together with a weather sensor, the SE100 ensures increased convenience and product protection. The blinds open and close automatically depending on the weather. So even on a really sunny day, it remains cool inside; and with strong winds or heavy rainfall, the sun shading system automatically retracts into a protected position. 


Available with touch display

The SE100 Touch comes with a large display screen and thanks to its integrated time-controller, offers even more functions that can be set to suit your individual needs.

The illuminated touch display allows you to set time-controlled programmes, evaluate data from the weather sensor and automatically change over between summer and winter time. If the weather sensors fail, the shading system is automatically retracted and remains secured in the retracted position until the fault is rectified.

The SE100 Touch is ideal for the automated control of sun shading products in your home.


Control elements and sensors


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