The future for your home

Open or close all your sun shading systems at the touch of a button or automatically at a pre-programmed time. Connect your roller blinds, lighting, heating or alarm systems, including weather sensors, to a smart network. Make your life easier.

Comfortable, safe and energy efficient

io-homecontrol® is a radio-based Smart Home System that can be installed in both old and new constructions. Virtually all of types of blinds can be fitted with a radio reception and controlled with a flexible hand-held or fixed wall-mounted transmitter. By adding a TaHoma® box, you can fully control and network your blinds via a smartphone or tablet no matter where you are.

You have plenty of options for adding other compatible devices and weather sensors, and gradually turn your home into a Smart Home. You can enter daily and timed programmes for when you’re at work or over the weekend, and set it so the blinds automatically open or close depending on the weather. So even on a really sunny day, it remains cool inside; and during a storm, the sun shading system automatically retracts into a protected position. When you’re on holiday, you can always find out whether the blinds are open or closed and change the setting if you need to.

To control the blinds, you have the option of installing a drive with a built-in radio receiver or using an external radio receiver. In both cases, the motor only requires a 230V supply. The hand-held and wall-mounted transmitters are battery-operated and therefore do not depend on the mains power supply.

The advantage of radio-based Smart Home systems versus wired controllers is that the wireless products work without having to install any cables in the wall. This makes them particularly suitable for retrofitting to existing systems.

Network with an overall system

io-homecontrol® can be network with numerous other components and systems. Your extended Smart Home system can range from cameras and smoke alarms to garage doors, central heating thermostats and even motion sensors and opening detectors. You can even rely on it being compatible with systems from other manufacturers, such as the smart lighting systems from Philips Hue, Sonos Sound systems or even Voice Control systems like Alexa (Amazon), Apple Homekit or Google Assistant.


Control elements and sensors


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