Masters of design for your interior décor

Good moods come from within. Indoor products from Schenker Storen are the all-rounders for interior spaces: Design your four walls to suit your own personal taste while remaining protected from blinding sunlight and prying eyes. Our modular insect panel systems provide a customised solution for every situation to keep annoying little intruders out.

Choose refreshing accents from our wide-ranging collection and create a cosy atmosphere for your work and leisure areas. Our indoor products, made from high-quality materials and sophisticated technology offer tailored solutions for every situation and every requirement.

Pleated blinds


Versatile and captivating

Good moods come from within. So, design your four walls in your own unique style, for example with our timelessly beautiful pleated blind that will bring you joy every day. It keeps prying eyes out, creates a captivating pleated look and adapts to the most diverse situations and requirements. The wide variety of colours, shapes and models of our pleated blinds gives you even more scope for conveying your own personal style – perfect for living spaces, kitchens and bathrooms as well as offices and for professional use.

Rollable blinds

Elegant and congruent

Our rollable blinds are elegant, design-oriented sight and glare protection elements for interior rooms.
They change the mood of the room depending on the intensity of the light coming in – that’s what makes this rollable fabric blind a real eye-catcher. The sight and glare protection can be smoothly and freely adjusted at any time.
Our rollable blinds follow a straight design and fit in discreetly and pleasantly into every room. Together with our huge variety of colours and models and different fabric transparencies, our rollbale blinds offer distinctive aesthetics for all residential and office environments.

Panel curtains

Easy to change, easy to love

The panel curtain is our master of surprise effects and dividing up spaces. It wide fabric panels are decorative with an artistic touch and almost look like they are floating. Their minimalist design and the harmonious synergy between the fabric and technology are real head turners. Our panel curtains are particularly suitable as sight and glare protection in floor-to-ceiling windows or as decorative room dividers. With the different degrees of transparency, material textures, themes and colours, there is virtually no end to the creative possibilities of our panel curtains.

Indoor slat blinds


Timeless and time-tested

Our indoor slat blinds, also simply known as blinds, are a true classic and their story began in Paris over 200 years ago. They regulate, direct and control the amount of natural light, protect against prying eyes and all the while allow a clear view to the outside. The sight and glare protection can be smoothly and freely adjusted at any time with different methods.
The design of our indoor slat blinds is discreet – they create refreshing accents and a pleasant working environment in offices and public interiors.

Vertical blinds


Balanced and effective

With the vertical blind from Schenker Storen you can adjust the amount of natural light and sight protection to suit your personal needs, as well as darken the room as desired. Its vertical lines create a visual expanse while punctuating a modern look. The customised shapes, materials and designs are particularly eye-catching. The fabric, aluminium or screen textile vanes slide along a track that can integrate with any special architectural feature, from angular gables or arches, and high, angled stairwells up to multi-faceted glass structures. The vertical vanes permit a view to the outside at all times.

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