Folding sliding shutters

Inspiring architectural elements

Our aluminium folding sliding shutter is both an aesthetic and space-saving form of sun shading that make it possible to create an innovative facade design and give each building that little extra something. It opens and closes like an accordion without a large opening radius, which means it really does not take up much space at all.

A flexible choice of shutter size means the folding sliding shutter fits in elegantly with every soffit and facade when open. The resistant powder coating also makes this folding sliding shutter weather-proof, corrosion-resistant and therefore virtually maintenance-free.

The folding sliding shutter in countless designs

The large selection of filling elements for the folding sliding shutter caters for everybody’s taste. On the one hand, we offer fixed slats that are firmly anchored on the frames and on the other, movable slats that can be freely adjusted. The closed model also offers a choice between aluminium panels or elements that look like slats. The choice of special fillings for our folding sliding shutter includes expanded metal, real wood and fabric. The folding sliding shutter glides along the rails virtually noise-free over smooth-running rollers with ball bearings and can be opened to its entire width.

Height: min. 800 mm – max. 3000 mm
Width: min. 280 mm – max. 600 mm
Maximum wind speed: 92 km/h (Wind class 6)


Movable slats

Movable slats

The folding sliding shutter with movable slats has at least one slat frame with free-moving slats. Irrespective of this, the other slat frames can be closed with aluminium panels (plain or with grooves running lengthwise or crosswise). Two or more slat frames are separated by a frieze running lengthwise or horizontally. The slats are moved by a visible or concealed control rod.

Schiebeladen aus Aluminium - offene Lamellen

Fixed slats

Fixed slats

The folding sliding shutter with fixed slats has at least one slat frame that does not move. Irrespective of this, the other slat frames can be closed with aluminium panels (plain or with grooves running lengthwise or crosswise). Two or more slat frames are separated by a frieze running lengthwise or horizontally.

Schiebeladen aus Aluminium - feststehende Lamellen

Closed slats

Closed slats

The closed model only consists of closed fillings that are made of either elements that look like slats or from aluminium panels. The way the surface area is divided up depends on how many slat frames there are. There are also cross and batten or Z bar panels as additional design elements.

Schiebeladen aus Aluminium - geschlossene Lamellen

Insulating model

Insulating model

The sandwich construction of the insulating model made from highly insulating reinforced polystyrene foam and two aluminium panels, ensures the best insulating properties. Whether as a closed folding sliding shutter in a simple design or the special specially shaped version with a slat look, the heat-insulating model ensures thermal comfort at any time of year or day.

Faltschiebeladen aus Aluminium

Installation system

Installation system

The matching rails and running carriages make it possible to open and close the folding sliding shutter without making a noise. And the locks and stoppers make sure that the folding sliding shutter is always fixed in place when open or closed.

Faltschiebeladen aus Aluminium
Faltschiebeladen aus Aluminium
Faltschiebeladen aus Aluminium

Unique design options for greater individuality

The folding sliding shutter does not just play a functional role. In addition to providing sun, glare and sight protection with its numerous design options, it also contributes significantly to creating individual aesthetics. The folding sliding shutter is a first-class decorative element that can be used in almost any kind of building style and can be produced in accordance with your wishes in terms of its shape, colour and even the filling.




1. Deterring break-ins

Break-ins can be prevented with just a few simple but effective steps. The break-in deterrent model can be modularly combined with the mechanical security elements, as required, and are real obstacles for uninvited guests.

Faltschiebeladen aus Aluminium - Zarge

2. Latches and locks

Once it is pulled shut, the folding sliding shutter can be locked in a variety of ways. Not only does it provide sight protection and shading, it also deters burglars.

Faltschiebeladen aus Aluminium - Schubriegel

3. Insect screen

The practical retractable insect screen provides effective protection against the entry of unwanted insects and midges into the living quarters when the windows are open. The insect screen is easy to open and close. It fits into almost all of Schenker Storen’s folding sliding shutters and can also be installed at a later date.

Insektenschutz - Schenker Storen

4. Types of drive

The electric folding sliding shutter can be controlled individually or in groups at the touch of a button or remotely. On request, it can also be integrated into the home automation system (Smart Home).

Fensterläden - Handschalter

5. Colours

Endlessly versatile

The folding sliding shutter is available in a wide range of different colours, such as antique finish and wood decor, as well as matt or silk gloss finishes. The powder-coated surfaces are impact resistant and scratch-resistant, which ensure they remain colourfast for an extremely long time and do not need to be repainted. The special pre-treatment Ocean Line plus is suitable for protecting the product against filiform corrosion in extreme conditions, such as those found by the sea, in swimming pools or in the chemical industry.


Colour collection by Schenker Storen

Bring colours into the mix.


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Insect screen

Summer is the favourite time of year for many of us. If only it weren’t the high season for mosquitoes as well. Thanks to the practical insect protection solutions from Schenker Storen, you can enjoy every season to the fullest.

Insect screen



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