Our Commitments - The environment, society and sports

We think long-term – and we’ve been doing it for 140 years. Sustainability has been an integral part of Schenker Storen’s everyday ethos, long before it became a mainstream trend. We would like to leave the world in a healthy state for our children and future generations. And we also support young people both in their professional and sporting endeavours. We are convinced that helping to develop young talent and taking steps to protect the environment are the best commitments for a bright and happy future.

We are committed to creating a world worth living in.

Our products already play a part in helping the environment: Schenker Storen’s shading systems save cooling energy in the summer and heating energy in the winter, which in turn reduces greenhouse gas emissions. We are also committed to protecting the environment and climate as a company.

Schenker Storen actively participates in the CO2 tax exemption program, which demands a reduction in greenhouse gases. We were the first company in our industry to undergo the ISO 14001 certification process.

Schenker Storen has managed to save more than 10 tons of CO2 annually over the past few years thanks to its numerous measures for improving environmental efficiency – and this was achieved despite an increase in production.

An overview of some of our measures:

  • Schenker Storen sources aluminium with a high recycling rate.
  • Local suppliers are used where possible.
  • The environmental efficiency of the production is measured and there are programs in place for the continuous improvement of our environmental performance.
  • All sales, service and installation work at the site is scheduled according to ecological priorities. The vehicles use the latest technology. Regular courses on economical and ecological driving techniques.
  • Schenker Storen products are durable. Our Service department repairs faulty or damaged blinds. A Service subscription can extend the service life of a blind.
  • If blinds need to be replaced, Schenker Storen’s disposal policy comes into play. All waste is sent to the in-house disposal centre where it is then separated. Any material that can be used is recycled.

We also take care of future environmental concerns: we have planned or will soon implement further measures, such as a second heat pump and optimising energy consumption in various areas of the company.

We open doors for young people.

With the training of around 35 apprentices in seven professions – from business administrators, engineers and drivers to service technicians – not only are we investing in our own future, we’re also taking on an important social responsibility.

We also run an apprenticeship camp once a year. This is alternated with visits to three mountain communities where we provide on-site support through a whole variety of projects, such as painting, repairing paths and renovating playgrounds.

What we aim and hope to do is to employ all committed apprentices at Schenker Storen once they have completed their training. This has worked very well for us for many years.

We support up-and-coming young wrestlers.

Swiss wrestling stands for vigour, technique, fairness, reliability, Swissness and tradition. Values that link Schenker Storen with the sport of wrestling.

Schenker Storen has been supporting 12 to 15 young, talented crowned wrestlers from all five member associations in Switzerland every year since 2015. The funding is directed exclusively outside of the competitions and is intended to create optimal conditions for young talent to thrive in. Naturally, the coaches and associations are still the ones who actually train them and provide sporting support at events.

We are proud to support the 18 to 25-year-old wrestlers for three to six years. During this time, they receive a vehicle and personal equipment from us. As ambassadors of the Schenker Storen brand, they are expected to represent fair and performance-oriented wrestling.

Gustav Steffen

«Always give your best!»

Dario Gwerder

«No sowing equals no harvest.»

Janic Voggensperger

«Where there's a will, there's a way.»

Tobias Widmer

«Fairness and good sportsmanship are tremendously important to me.»

Joel Ambühl

«I want to go my own way.»

Lars Zaugg

«Heed not what others say and let nature take its course»

Armon Orlik

«Don't fade, persevere!»

Steven Moser

«No sowing equals no harvest.»

Lars Voggensperger

«I’m a fighter and I don’t give up so easily.»

Werner Schlegel

«If i really want something, i'll just give my very best.»

Romain Collaud

«A time of failure is a good time to sow the seeds of success.»

Michael Ledermann

«He who dares may lose, he who ventures nothing has already lost.»