Diverse and exciting

Schenker Storen is synonymous with diversity – in our product range, our employees and, last but not least, our jobs. Regardless of whether you are just embarking on your career or already have a lot of experience under your belt – we offer a wide range of jobs where you can flourish and develop your potential.

Service Manager

I am the pivotal point between the customer and the fitter. I love the fact that I can look after customers from A to Z and that we are like one big happy family at Schenker Storen.

Project Manager

I can be working on an industrial building, single-family house, apartment building or even just with a private individual who needs one blind, whatever the situation, the customer comes to me with a request and we do everything we can to provide a solution that fits their needs.

Development Project Manager

We are a young, innovative team working on improving the existing products and developing new ones based off customer needs and bringing them to market.

Service Fitter

I’ve loved doing my job for 15 years, as I can make customers happy with solutions that are ideal for them. At first I was sceptical about digitalisation–now I can’t imagine working without my tablet. 

Trainee Service Technician

I decided to do an apprenticeship at Schenker Storen because the team was really friendly and happy to help me during my trial period. Plus, I get to work both indoors and outside, and at the end of the day I can see what I have accomplished.

Trainee Clerk

I get a well-rounded insight into all the departments. The team is totally committed. I also enjoy the challenges and these help develop my skills.