Giving facades a personality of their own

From the classic to the modern – Shutters from Schenker Storen are our simultaneously aesthetic and space-saving sun protection systems that can be used to design an innovative look for your facade. Aluminium shutters from Schenker Storen provide excellent sun and weather protection, are durable and easy to look after. The sheer diversity of designs and functionality mean they blend in harmoniously with any architectural setting and give every building a certain charm.

Folding sliding shutters

Faltschiebeladen aus Aluminium

Inspiring architectural elements

Our aluminium folding sliding shutter is both an aesthetic and space-saving form of sun shading that make it possible to create an innovative facade design and give each building that little extra something. It opens and closes like an accordion without a large opening radius, which means it really does not take up much space at all.

A flexible choice of shutter size means the folding sliding shutter fits in elegantly with every soffit and facade when open. The resistant powder coating also makes this folding sliding shutter weather-proof, corrosion-resistant and therefore virtually maintenance-free.

Sliding shutters

Tradition meets modernity

The aluminium sliding shutter has become a fixed option in modern architecture. It is the ideal solution, particularly for new constructions with large window surfaces. It occupies an expansive area in the facade making them a dominant feature of the overall look while keeping out excessive sunlight and prying eyes.

Our sliding shutter comes in a wide selection of shapes and colours and meets the highest standards when it comes to aesthetics and functionality. This makes it ideal for balconies, pergolas and loggias.

It is comfortable to use, easy to look after and virtually maintenance-free.

Window shutters

Vibrant tradition

Our aluminium window shutter unites a traditional look with the latest technology. Because of its material properties and high-quality coating, it retains its colourfastness as well as being weather-resistant and dimensionally stable.

The window shutter can fit in seamlessly with every townscape and setting. A wide-ranging variety or types together with countless colours and finishes provide a huge scope for design possibilities. Which is why every building with window shutters has its own unique character. In addition to this, the window shutter offers break-in protection and is easy to look after.

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