Sun and weather protection compliant with the highest energy standard in Switzerland

Do you already use MINERGIE®? Schenker Storen offers MINERGIE® certified sun and weather protection products for your home. Our blinds and associated products fulfil the highest demands for optimum heat insulation and the regulation of daylight, thereby contributing to the energy-efficient and sustainable construction of facades.

Schenker Storen was instantly on board when MINERGIE® started awarding certificates for sun protection modules. MINERGIE® has been the Swiss quality label for comfort, efficiency and value retention for new buildings and modernisation projects since 1998. It covers all categories of buildings. The aim is to marry maximum comfort at home and work with a low consumption of heat and power, through high-quality building envelopes, controlled air changes and an efficient supply of renewable energies. This is achieved with the use of MINERGIE® certified modules and products that demonstrate specific capabilities, such as making use of daylight or wind stability. Schenker Storen contributes its high-quality, certified sun protection systems, and its proven products to create an energy-efficient and sustainable building facade.

MINERGIE® certified sun and weather protection blinds from Schenker Storen

Schenker Storen is one of the first suppliers in Switzerland to have MINERGIE® certified sun protection products. Our slat blind in the MINERGIE® variant is one such product. Both our roller blind and vertical fabric blind fulfil the corresponding performance criteria, such as thermal energy insulation, use of daylight, glare protection and darkening, as well as the stipulated wind stability and durability, which means they can be used in MINERGIE® buildings.

Both our roller blind and vertical fabric blind fulfil the corresponding performance criteria, such as thermal energy insulation, use of daylight, glare protection and darkening, as well as the stipulated wind stability and durability, and are used in MINERGIE® buildings.

The MINERGIE® standard entails specific prerequisites for the sun protection, controller and overall system of the blind. That is why all our MINERGIE®-compliant slat blinds are only installed on the outside of the thermal insulation layer and have a wind stability of at least 60 km/h with a minimum width of 2.5 m. They are fully automated and fulfil MINERGIE®’s specific requirements for drive power as well as the mechanical service life, which consists of 10,000 cycles of being raised and lowered, and 20,000 cycles of rotations. All sun protection products with glazing let in just 10 percent of the energy, which means the remaining 90 percent of the solar heat does not get through. Our products also comply with the additional requirements for glare protection and the use of daylight when used in non-residential buildings, such as commercial and administration buildings. The controller provides fully automated shading that is regulated via zone-based light sensors, as well as automated wind protection, which relies on wind sensors to measure the wind speed on all facades. A temporary automatic lock is triggered if the blind is operated by hand.

The MINERGIE® certified sun and weather protection products from Schenker Storen also correspond to all the necessary product standards and come with a five-year warranty for the complete system. They fulfil all the requirements for comfort and energy efficiency, thereby contributing to a high-quality and sustainable building facade.

We are all concerned about saving energy

Central heating and air conditioning systems may ensure comfort in the wintertime and on hot days respectively, but a pleasant room climate can also be created more economically and ecologically. This is especially pertinent when trends reveal shrinking heating capacities and growing cooling loads.

According to the Federal Office for Meteorology and Climatology, in the summer of 2003, temperatures in Switzerland reached a scorching 41.5°C. Temperatures also rose close to these record levels during the summers of 2015 and 2018.

These trends are also very important in the construction industry since buildings have to be designed for a very long service life right from the planning stage. Houses today must be built to adapt to future conditions.

That is why Schenker Storen approaches sun and thermal protection from an interdisciplinary stance, and is heavily involved in the crossover between construction and innovation. MINERGIE® is the highest energy standard for low-energy houses in Switzerland. It ensures pleasant room temperatures, both now and in the future, through optimum sun protection, efficient heat dissipation and adapted user behaviour. External, movable and controlled sun protection systems for building parts you can see through, such as windows and glazing, prevent temperatures rising too high in the summer and let the heat in during the colder months, while allowing sufficient natural light to permeate at all times. With its certified sun protection systems and proven products, Schenker Storen helps energy-efficient and sustainable MINERGIE® buildings be as effective as possible.