The simple way to keep insects at bay

Summer is the favourite time of year for many of us. If only it weren’t the high season for mosquitoes as well. Thanks to the practical insect protection solutions from Schenker Storen, you can enjoy every season to the fullest.

Inside or out?

Retractable insect screens are a great and natural way to prevent insects from invading your indoor areas. Once you install a retractable insect screen, you can settle down with a book in bed and keep the window open or eat in peace with the balcony doors open. With the ISR 48 from Schenker Storen, you can enjoy the warmth of the summer indoors without being bothered by the insects. It allows you to rest easy and relax as you can leave the window open to let the fresh air in for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Compact and easy to look after

The ISR 48, made from grey plastic-coated fibreglass thread, is a compact vertical fabric blind for new buildings and renovations, and is very appealing thanks to its high level of air permeability and the fact that it is easy to clean. Its elegant guide profile fits in beautifully with modern architectural styles and ensures a high level of insect protection thanks to the retracted brush. At the customer’s request, the guides and fabric rod can be powder coated in a colour to match the blind or window shutters, or colourless anodised. It slides quietly and securely on the continuous guide made from extruded aluminium. Its service and maintenance-friendly design is easy to look after and weather resistant.

The retractable insect screen from Schenker Storen can be retrofitted on unusually shaped windows or existing sun shading solutions.

Combined guide

The insect screen is available with a space-saving combined guide to fit onto our slat blinds VR 70, KR 80 or EC 70. This means only 1x guide needs to be installed and this will work for both products (slat blinds and retractable insect screen). Both products are compactly installed in the recess.

Separate guide

The retractable insect screen can, however, also be installed with a separate guide. This means the ISR 48 can be extended at any time with any of our products. If there are window shutters, the retractable insect screen can, for example, be installed with a box.

A box is not only aesthetically appealing, especially if space is an issue in the recess area, it is also an elegant solution with all the advantages of a reliable insect screen.