“Belvédère”: a new, varied district on the outskirts of Baden

A perfect symbiosis of function and aesthetics

Facts & Figures

Realisation: 2015–2019

Architects: BEM Architekten AG

Client: Private

Region: Baden

Openly compact

The former shooting grounds in “Belvédère”, a popular residential district above the city centre of Baden, are now home to seven exclusive apartment buildings, each with three to nine spacious 2½–6½-bedroom condominiums. The listed Shooting House was also integrated into the new complex. The blocks within this new district are significantly more closely knit than those of the single-family homes in the surrounding area. Nonetheless, the architecturally elegant buildings structured with projections and recesses, fit in perfectly with the overall design of the Allmend quarter because they are staggered in their layout and vary in height. Covered and uncovered terraces intersect. The balconies projecting from different floors create a fluid connection from indoors to outdoors.

Highest design standards

The intricate wooden facades needed an aesthetically elegant form of sun shading. Not only do the fabric blinds create a pleasant atmosphere, each facade lends a defining finishing touch. The vertical fabric blind VSe ZIP combines the elegance of a fabric blind with the highest demands in terms of shading and its darkening effect. The sophisticated ZIP system ensures that the fabric is well guided on the sides in every position and is wind-stable at speeds of up to 92 km/h. The VSe ZIP is a MINERGIE®-compatible fabric blind, which is vital since all the apartments are built and certified in accordance with the MINERGIE® standard.

There aren’t any private outdoor areas in the gardens of the Belvédère residential complex. This makes the terraces even more special as a form of additional living space. Not only does the cassette awning KGM 6 look great, it provides perfect shading against high exposure to sunlight, creates a visual accent in just a small amount of space and, thanks to its box, is also optimally protected from the effects of the weather when retracted.

“We really value the relaxed way of life we can enjoy here, no matter the weather.”