A system for creating shade

Balconies, terraces and seating areas in the garden: What provides the best shade where?
Shaded areas are a real godsend during hot summer days and some “sun roofs” even save fun BBQs from a brief downpour. In addition to a whole variety of mobile sunshades for balconies, terraces and gardens, there are also permanent solutions that work all year round. From standard to premium options, these quality products protect us from the sun.

Awnings for balconies

No balcony is too small for a cosy spot in the shade. A balcony awning is the best choice for the job. It is the classic sun blind for balconies or smaller seating areas in single-family homes and apartment buildings. This flexible sun shading comes in your favourite colour, with or without dropdown valance. If you want to protect the unspoiled fabric from the effects of the weather, you are better off with a semi-cassette awning or a cassette awning as the retracted fabric is stored in a semi-cassette or a compact cassette.


Awnings for terraces and garden seating areas

The requirements on terraces and house fronts are more complex, and they also need bigger projections. An articulated-arm awning makes for a high-quality standard solution. Measuring up to 20 metres wide, it offers the best sun shading and, depending on the width, its two to eight hinged arms ensure maximum stability and perfect fabric tensioning. Articulated-arm awnings are a flexible solution for terraces, large garden seating areas and commercial buildings. They are also ideal for remodelling projects since the fixing points on the wall and ceiling can be selected relatively flexibly. Enclosed solutions in different price brackets offer protection against the effects of the weather. If it’s comfort and aesthetics you’re after, the premium level options offer countless technically sophisticated features and design variants to meet specific requirements.



Terrace roofs

A terrace roof is the perfect solution for all seasons, even where space is an issue. The glass roof is the ideal protection against the wind and adverse weather. Its neutral design allows it to fit in seamlessly with all kinds of terrace and garden architectural styles. A terrace canopy is suitable for single-family homes and apartment buildings, and restaurants, as both the width and the depth of the construction can be flexibly adjusted.



Slatted roof

The slatted roof is one of the premium solutions as it creates additional outdoor living space. This elegantly designed roof with a sturdy construction comes in a whole variety of sizes and can be attached to the house or free-standing in the garden. It is suitable for single-family homes and apartment buildings, as well as outdoor dining. The slatted roof from Schenker Storen is a complete system comprised of a roof, powder-coated in four standard colours and customised sizes you can select down to the last millimetre. The airy and even rainproof sun roof made from aluminium slats stands out with its technically sophisticated features such as dimmable LED lighting, motorised controller, light control by aligning the slats up to 135°, bioclimatic effects by rotating the slats, etc. It can be extended with side glazing and/or sun shading or sight protection products.



Free-standing Folding Pergola

This Folding Pergola with its gently curved folding roof takes up minimal space. Whether it is mounted flush with the wall or free-standing, it is the ideal large-area shading system for outdoor dining. Can be used in scenarios of up to wind resistance Class 6 and has an integrated drainage system.




Wall-mounted pergola

The Zip-Pergola can be set up with a projection of up to 7 metres. Its lattice design will even shield large terraces from the sun and rain. This water-repellent Pergola with two external supports can be extended with side modules. Wind resistance up to Class 6. Dimmable LED lighting on the inside of the system.





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