Controller System KNX

KNX is a global open standard for intelligent buildings. It offers the platform for devices from different manufacturers to communicate with each other in a single network. Schenker Storen also develops and supplies KNX components and offers KNX solutions for the automated control of blinds, among other things.

Standard in building automation

Because it is easy to install and use, the KNX is highly valued in the home and in the field of building automation. All devices, such as sensors, actuators, buttons or touch panels, can be clearly addressed and communicate with each other over just two wires. Changes can, for the most part, be made by making adjustments in the software; it is not necessary to rewire the system. To extend the system, an additional device can be connected to the existing bus line.

KNX is extremely flexible

KNX is suited for single-family homes as well as commercial and office buildings. Depending on the requirements, either all of the weather data (brightness, precipitation, wind, temperature, GPS, etc.) can be measured or just one specific value, e.g. wind. These values are available on the bus and can be "read" and used by the other linked devices (actuators). This allows the user to define the exact function of each individual blind.

As a developer and supplier of KNX components, Schenker Storen manages entire control system projects, while also offering ntegrators the entire range of products for their own controls.

What makes Controller System KNX from Schenker Storen unique

  • International, open standard in building automation
  • For single-family homes as well as commercial and office buildings
  • Comprehensive product protection and comfort for all door products, windows, doors and light
  • High flexibility: depending on the requirements, the desired function can be stored for groups or for each individual drive, i.e. automatic shading, sun tracking, wind protection, precipitation, etc.

Construction highlights

  • Devices are addressed and configured through the ETS programming software.
  • The binary inputs on the actuator are configured for use on site, encoders or transfer signals. This means that cost-saving standard buttons can be used.


  • The KNX installations can be ideally complemented with our Controller System SE 1000. Further special functions that are specific to the customer’s needs can be programmed using the SE 1000. Likewise, in very large buildings, the blinds are clearly organised in 32, 64 or more channels.
Professional information

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