Which do you love more, a latte macchiato or sunset?

Do you enjoy having breakfast out on the terrace, soaking up the first rays of sunshine? Or do you prefer to sit outside after a long work day, admiring the sunset with a relaxing drink? These are the kinds of questions you should be asking yourself when planning the layout of your new home. Regardless of whether it’s a veranda, terrace, garden or balcony, the orientation of your seating area is crucial. It needs to be well thought out in advance so you can take full advantage of the extra living space.

South-facing Terrace

A south-facing terrace ensures a sunny spot all day long. It is ideal for sunbathers who can’t get enough of the heat.

To ensure you will be able to enjoy the terrace even on really hot days, your plans should include options for sufficient sun shading. For example, an awning is extremely versatile and will even shelter you from light showers so you carry on sitting or working outside uninterrupted.

+ Plenty of sunshine and can be used for the best part of the day

- Great Heat all summer long

West-facing Terrace

If you enjoy spending balmy summer evenings outside, then a west-facing terrace is the right choice for you. This way you avoid the peak daytime temperatures as you catch the last rays of sunshine in the fresh air after a day at work. A south-facing terrace can often be too hot for children who want to play outside in the summer, whereas a shaded west-facing terrace is an ideal setting for them to run around in during the early hours of the afternoon.

+ Ideal for people who are at work during the day, late risers and children

- Warm and sunny only in the afternoon

East-facing Terrace

An east-facing terrace is the ideal spot for breakfast where you can enjoy the first warming rays of the morning sun. Even gardening enthusiasts appreciate the warmth in the morning and the protection from the midday heat.

+ Perfect for early risers, breakfast outdoors and gardening enthusiasts

- Not really ideal for people at work all day and BBQ aficionados


North-facing Terrace

The option with the fewest advantages is the north-facing terrace as it is always in the shade and feels damp. That being said, it can be set up beautifully as a workspace. On extremely hot days, it becomes the perfect haven for some people.

+ Ideal workspace on hot days

-  No sun, shady, damp


As you will have gathered, all orientations have their advantages and disadvantages. The one you ultimately decide upon will mainly depend on your individual preferences and how you spend your day. If you take this into consideration, you can enjoy the time you spend outdoors to the fullest. So, remember to ask the right questions during the planning phase.