Smart Home

Modern technologies open up more and more opportunities for automating and quickening everyday tasks. Thanks to the networking of technology in the home and household devices, numerous jobs cannot just be done with greater ease, but also in a way that is kinder to the environment.

A modern home is now not just in tune with the environment and its inhabitants, it also thinks for you. In doing so, a Smart Home system can offer you numerous essential advantages:


The most important feature of intelligent building control is its energy efficiency. This can save on heating costs in the winter by automatically raising the blinds with increased incoming sunlight, thereby warming up the room naturally. During this time, the heating is switched off.

A Climate of Well-being

Natural light is not just healthy, it also promotes a sense of well-being: Based on the measurements taken by the light sensors, the blinds can be automatically raised into the position you have selected to guarantee a pleasant climate of well-being that is to your liking.


All of the devices linked to the system are controlled from a central control unit – and are coordinated to work together. You decide on the room temperature you want – and the heating, windows, blinds, etc. set themselves automatically to effectuate your settings in the most efficient way possible.


Your Smart Home can be controlled from anywhere making it very practical: Using your smart phone whilst you’re out, you can make sure that your lounge is at the right temperature for when you get back.


Intelligent building control also makes it possible to simulate your presence in the house whilst you’re sunning yourself on the beach. Lights and blinds can be turned on and off automatically via time switches or manually using your smart phone to make it look like you are at home. Motion sensors can also be integrated into the system – and the alarms are triggered when there are signs of danger.