The soundproofing slat blind

Schenker Storen has developed the soundproofing frame bracket for your slat blind. It is a patented fixing system that reduces the maximum structure-borne sound level in other premises by over 60%. It is perfect for elements that span from one floor to the next and it reduces the amount of sound transmitted via the structure through facade components and building materials that carry sound, such as wood, as well as installations on the frame extension.

The system in our soundproofing frame bracket is based off SIA standard 181, which specifies the requirements for sound insulation in building construction.

Sound insulation standard and measures

Structures in buildings can aid the transmission of sound. This is due to the way they are built and building materials that aid the transfer of sound, such as wood, turn building elements, like facades, into soundboxes. Within a building, sound is carried via its structure. Sound waves within the hearing range of the human ear, are transmitted through solid structures such as walls, ceiling and floors. Certain surfaces emit them as airborne sound making them audible within the building.

That is why the SIA standard 181 “Sound insulation in building construction” must be observed in the building industry. Schenker Storen also offers the unique patented soundproofing frame bracket for conventional installations, to absorb the sound and significantly reduce building emissions.


The standard’s values are divided into minimum and strict requirements. The requirement levels and any special requirements for sound insulation must be specified.

Minimum requirements according to the standard for medium noise sensitivity:

  • Operation noise33dB(A)
    (automatic blinds – motorised)          
  • User-generated noise 38dB(A)
    (manually operated blinds – hand crank)                  

The threshold values are 4dB(A) lower for strict requirements, which generally apply to residential property.


The requirements for sound insulation can be fulfilled by way of two different types of measures:

  • Primary sound insulation measures: Including sound insulation in the planning of the floor plan, facade and/or building, either by means of very low sound generation or the greatest possible insulation / attenuation along the propagation path.
  • Secondary sound insulation measures: Reducing or preventing the structure-borne sound from entering the building through the use of elastic separation layers or vibration insulating elements to decouple the sound from the building structure.

Slat blind with patented whisper-quiet guarantee

We have developed a unique soundproofing technique for Schenker’s slat blind with the patented fixing element. The elastic vibration insulating element completely decouples the blinds from the building structure and prevents the metal parts from coming into direct contact with the facade components and materials that carry sound. This significantly reduces the transmission of structure-borne sounds and the resonating effect of facades.

Schenker Storen has developed a patented fixing system for your slat blind that reduces the maximum structure-borne sound level in other premises by up to 60%.

Schenker Storen’s soundproofing frame bracket makes it possible for building engineers to sustainably reduce noise in facade constructions with limited options for curbing structure-borne sound along the propagation path e.g. elements that span from one floor to the next. This type of fixing is also suitable for facade components and building materials that carry sound, such as wood, or when high noise emissions are anticipated, for example, installation of blinds on a frame extension.

The soundproofing frame bracket is easy and straightforward to install. Plus, it doesn’t matter how high or deep the recess is, as no adjustments are necessary.

Drawings of slats

From left to right: Soundproofing frame bracket for ceiling mounting with profile guide, with support for installation on wall with profile guide and ceiling mounting with cord guide.

Schenker Storen is currently the only supplier for such a powerful sound insulation solution.