Tour Invictus: Way up high

Cast in a good light

Facts & Figures

Realisation: 2016–2019

Architects: Dolci Architectes, Yverdon-les-Bains

Users: various

Region: Yverdon-les-Bains


How a silo became a high-rise block of flats

Once upon a time, the 52-meter high LANDI grain silo on Avenue Haldimand, built in 1970, was the tallest structure in Yverdon-les-Bains. But those days are gone – it was decommissioned in 2013. Now the similarly sized, Tour Invictus, a 54-meter high-rise block of flats, hovers over the city in its place. It offers breathtaking views over Lake Neuchâtel, the Jura and the Alps. The sunlight is reflected off the Alcubond coating on the facade’s composite panels into the 29 apartments with loggias as well as into the administrative areas. This natural light reflection varies depending on the season and underscores the modern look of the architecture. Because of the large proportion of glazing, the building requires an intelligent sun protection system that it is coordinated with the use of daylight. All the more so since good lighting conditions create a comfortable living climate and improve our well-being – not to mention significantly increasing the building’s energy efficiency. Every detail has been explored in depth during the planning stages, from the choice of materials and fire protection solutions to the technical controls.

Seamlessly integrated sun protection

The demands made on a movable externally mounted sun protection system are vast. Not only must it protect against excessive sunlight, it has to ensure enough natural light permeates to the interior whilst remaining transparent enough to maintain open views to the outside world. As a facade element, it should also integrate seamlessly into the architecture. In high-rise buildings like the Tour Invictus, the sun protection also has to be wind-stable and low-maintenance.

Safe, modern and easy

The physical properties and modern, slightly rounded slats of the all-metal blind GM 200 aesthetically complement the look of the Tour Invictus beautifully. As a built-in facade element, it enhances the reflection of the different daylight moods The blind is adjustable in any position, from vertical to horizontal, so as to guarantee pleasant room lighting as well as darken the room, as desired. Its rocker and raising mechanism is concealed in the side guides. The blind also fulfils the high security demands of a high-rise building in more ways than one. For example, the slats can be locked in any position. The locking devices in the side guides also make it very difficult for potential intruders to break in on the lower floors. Because the lift and tilt mechanisms are in the same position, the GM 200 has an overrun protection device, which prevents any damages if something happens to be under the blind while it is lowering. The GM 200 is also characterised by its high wind resistance and the fact that it is extremely sturdy and durable. If, however, the slats need to be replaced, this can be easily done from the inside – a seemingly minor feature that should not be underestimated in a high-rise building.