Cubic cassette awning KKM 5 / KKM 7

Stylish beauty

The cubic cassette awning is our contribution to a stylish and modern design. It literally sparkles with its clear, crisp lines and elegant look – and not a single fixing element in sight. The cassette completely protects the fabric from the effects of the rain, wind and dirt when it is closed and is characterised by the very small gap between it and the wall. The KKM lends a special charm to small and large terraces alike and is ideal for single-family homes with flat or single-pitch roofs. Its colour can be adapted to suit any request. With its integrated LED lighting, the KKM creates a  great atmosphere on the terrace after the sun has gone down – so you can carry on having fun long into the night.

High-quality sun blind in a cubic design

Our cubic cassette awning is available with two cassettes of different sizes that can be used together for large and small terraces on the same building to create a coordinated look. A tilting joint with integrated anti-lift device ensures the cubic cassette awning always closes seamlessly. The sturdy articulated arm made from extruded aluminium and the internal sliding profile in the cassette ensure the optimum tensioning and winding of the awning fabric at all times. The flexible tilting mechanism can be freely set with great precision between 5° and 45°, depending on the model. The cubic cassette awning can be operated manually with a detachable hand crank made from galvanised steel, or via an electric drive. With its two types of brackets, the cubic cassette awning is also suitable for various substrates and dimensions – guaranteeing an installation without unsightly fixings.

Width: 1910 mm – 7000 mm
Projection: 1500 mm – 4000 mm
Maximum area: 28 m2
Maximum wind speed: 38 km/h (Wind class 2)


Width 7 m

Width 7 m

The KKM 7 is the model for larger terraces. As a single system with a maximum width of 7 m and a projection of up to 4 m, it creates an impressive shaded area of 28 m2. It can also be linked with another system and so extend to 14 m wide. When closed, the cassette of the KKM 7 measures 16.5 cm in height and has a depth of 26.1 cm, incl. the bracket. The mounting bracket is optimally sized according to the dimensions of the cassette so it is completely hidden from view behind the cassette.

Kubische Kassettenmarkise

Width 5 m

Width 5 m

The cubic cassette awning 5 is the KKM 7’s little sister and, with its maximum width of 5 m and projection of up to 3.5 m, provides a total shaded area of 17.5 m2. It is exactly the same as the KKM 7, with the exception of the differently sized cassettes and the way it is mounted. Unlike its older sister, the KKM 5 does not have a mounting bracket, but a functional bracket with an innovative spring element that blends in visually with the cassette. What is especially impressive is that when it is closed, its low overall height is just 13 cm and it is only 24 cm deep incl. the bracket – this makes it particularly suitable for ceiling mounting.

Kubische Kassettenmarkise

Installation on wall, ceiling or rafters

Installation on wall, ceiling or rafters

The cubic cassette awning is attached on sturdy mounting brackets. These can be secured to the front-facing side (installation on the wall) or tilted 90° so it can be secured upside down on the ceiling. Each model comes with its own rafter mount so it can be installed on the rafters.

A whole range of options for even more comfort

There is a whole range of options on offer for the cubic cassette awning so it can best satisfy your needs and desires. Countless fabric designs and a wide selection of colours for the frames help you create a beautiful look for your terraces, balconies and garden seating areas. For even more comfort, our products can be controlled using our clever Smart Home solutions. With our wide selection of sensors for the sun, wind and rain, you can be assured of a safe operation in perfect synch with your product. Always with you: Swiss quality.




1. Fabrics

Live better with beautiful fabrics

The primary role of fabrics is a practical one: to provide sun, glare and sight protection. But they also create unique lighting in the room and form an integral part of the interior design. All of Schenker Storen’s carefully selected fabrics are tested brand textiles and have a long service life. For our cubic cassette awning, we offer 100% premium acrylic in different qualities and designs to suit various needs, such as UV-protection and reflection.

Stoffe Textilscreens

2. Colours

Decoration and protection

Match the colour of the frame and all its profiles with your window, facade or furniture. At Schenker Storen there is an almost endless selection of colours to cater for the colour scheme of your choice. Thanks to our in-house powder-coating system, we produce weather-resistant, scratchproof and dirt-repellent products and can therefore guarantee long-lasting colour fastness.

3. LED strip lighting

A source of light for outdoor living

The LED strip lighting is ingeniously built into the entire length of the KKM 7’s cassette, which means it can also be used when it is closed. The LED lighting with its protective diffuser cover profile creates a pleasant, even and bright light. It can be easily dimmed to create a cosy setting while casting a very flattering light over the facade and outdoor area.

4. Types of drive

 Crank or smartphone?

Our cubic cassette awning can be adjusted both manually with a hand crank or a motor. On request, the awning can be controlled wirelessly or you can integrate it into a Smart Home system so you can operate it with ease at the push of a button via a central control unit or on your smartphone.

Lamellenstoren - Option Antriebsarten Wandschalter

5. Smart Home

At Schenker Storen you can find controller solutions for single-family homes or apartments right up to more intricate controller systems for large office buildings. Virtually all weather data can be recorded and analysed with our control devices. This means the system is able to respond in the best way to every situation.

Lamellenstoren - Option Smart Home 1
Lamellenstoren - Option Smart Home 2


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