Facade awning FM 150 / FMc

The lively multi-tasker with a licence to create

The facade awning is our answer for wherever straight, curved or multiple curved guides are used in winter gardens, glazed lobbies or exhibition spaces. Its colour and shape can be adapted to suit any style of architecture – and it offers a little something extra: you can use it to create a unique combination of roof and facade covering for a completely new kind of facade design.

The high-quality facade awning even provides optimum shading for large areas of glazed facades and roofing – plus, its robust construction and long service life never fail to impress. No matter whether the surface is vertical, sloped or horizontal, the facade awning adapts to any situation.

A flexible and fancy shading system

Our facade awning was developed to meet the tough requirements of a facade. Its impressive ability to adapt guarantees a huge scope for design possibilities on a whole variety of differently shaped large facades. The canopy fabric is wound in and out on a round or angular drop profile. Its tried and tested system keeps the fabric constantly taut over the entire overhang area.

All of the cords make virtually no noise when they move and are very well protected in the drop profile. The moving and fixed fabric guide tubes ensure greater stability during high winds. In addition to this, the facade awning is available with a canopy and a built-in tubular motor, as standard. The guide, drop profile and box are 100% resistant aluminium – available powder-coated, colour or colourless anodised. The elegant and sturdy guides are mounted on brackets, which can in turn be mounted on different substrates. This means the facade awning can also be used as a pergola.

Height (hl): 1960 mm – 4000 mm*
Width (bk): 750 mm – 4400 mm*
Maximum area: 18 m2
Maximum wind speed: 48 km/h (Wind class 3)
* Declarations for FM 150 without counter drive


Without counter drive

Without counter drive

Our FM 150 without a counterdrive system is very well suited for the vertical shading of large windows.  It can shade both vertical and sloped surfaces without the need for a counterdrive system – to do so, it must be tilted to at least 45°. In this design, up to six systems can be linked together. The drop profile is round and travels up and down the guide. Various different models can be realised with the FM 150. The system is suitable for front-mounted installations and comes with a choice of different types of canopies and the option of an integrated box.

With counterdrive

With counterdrive

The FMc with counter drive has a patented counterdrive system. This power pack can handle every slope and every curve. With its smooth power, the counterdrive system built into the drop profile, ensures the fabric is optimally tensioned across any slope or horizontal surface. The FMc can be installed completely horizontally, for example as shading for a winter garden. Plus, with the FMc, we can even realise designs with two arches and in vertical, opposing directions. The system is suitable for front-mounted installations and comes with a choice of different types of canopies and the option of an integrated box.

Front-mounted installation

Front-mounted installation

In this installation scenario, the guides are mounted against the wall or to the side on the reveal. The front-mounted installation can be fitted with one of the canopies from our wide selection to best protect the fabric from the rain and dirt. It is particularly suitable for retrofitting or renovation projects.

A whole range of options for even more comfort

There is a whole range of options on offer for the facade awning so it can best satisfy your needs and desires. Countless fabric designs and a wide selection of colours for the frames help you create a beautiful look for your facade, balcony and terrace. For even more comfort, our products can be controlled using our clever Smart Home solutions. With our wide selection of sensors for the sun, wind and rain, you can be assured of a safe operation in perfect synch with your product. Always with you: Swiss quality.




1. Fabrics

Live better with beautiful fabrics

In addition to protecting from glaring sunlight, prying eyes and keeping the heat in or out, fabrics also diffuse the lighting in the room and are an integral part of the interior design. Everyone is sure to find a shade they like in our richly assorted fabric collection. Multi-coloured, solid colours or striped – the possibilities are endless.

All of Schenker Storen’s carefully selected fabrics have a long service life. We offer different qualities for our facade awning:

  • Acrylic
  • Fibreglass (not for the FMc)
  • Polyester (not for the FMc)

These cover the various requirements such as light permeability, darkening or complete blackout. Explore our fabric collection and find the right fabric for your project.

2. Colours

Decoration and protection

You can match the colour of front-mounted boxes, profile guides, canopies and drop profiles with your window and facade. . At Schenker Storen there is an almost endless selection of colours to cater for the colour scheme of your choice. Thanks to our in-house powder-coating system, we produce weather-resistant, scratchproof and dirt-repellent products and can therefore guarantee long-lasting colour fastness.

3. Canopies

Protection for the fabric and technology

The FM 150 with and without counter drive has a large selection of different canopies to provide the best possible protection for the fabric and technology in front-mounted installations. Made from extruded aluminium, they protect the fabric from getting dirty and fit in beautifully with any colour scheme.

4. Box

All-round protection

The box on our facade awning adapts perfectly to the guides. It completely protects the fabric and technology from the rain, snow, dirt and much more. Its slim and modern teardrop shape lends a touch of individuality to the facade and creates an aesthetic exterior.

5. Types of drive

Crank or smartphone?

The facade awning comes with a motor as standard.

If you prefer, the awning can be controlled wirelessly or you can integrate it into a Smart Home system so you can operate it with ease at the push of a button via a central control unit or on your smartphone.

Lamellenstoren - Option Antriebsarten Wandschalter

6. Smart Home

At Schenker Storen you can find controller solutions for single-family homes or apartments right up to more intricate controller systems for large office buildings. Virtually all weather data can be recorded and analysed with our control devices. This means the system is able to respond in the best way to every situation.

Lamellenstoren - Option Smart Home 1
Lamellenstoren - Option Smart Home 2


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