Compact Venetian Blind VR 90 Triangle

Compact Venetian Blind VR 90 Triangle adapts to triangular window shapes – horizontally, with the slats aligned parallel to the windowsill. Moreover, Compact Venetian Blind VR 90 Triangle naturally also offers the other positive features of the compact venetian blinds from Schenker Storen. The freely adjustable position of the slats facilitates optimum control of the daylight.

What makes Compact Venetian Blind VR 90 Triangle from Schenker Storen unique

  • Compact venetian blinds can be individually adapted for triangular shapes
  • Horizontal slats
  • Wide range of applications in single-family homes and apartment buildings, especially in the roof area
  • Outstanding insulation properties to reduce energy costs
  • Adjustable slats for optimising daylight, darkening and insulation
  • When pulled up, the cCompact Venetian Blind VR 90 Triangle is completely stowed away in the recess area
  • Easy to use
  • Robust and easy to look after

Construction highlights

  • Stable slats flanged on both sides, with noise and light-suppressing profiles
  • Guides with extruded, UV-stabilised noise-suppressing profiles
  • 0.42 mm thick slats
  • Available with a manual or motor drive
  • Kevlar-reinforced cord for increased safety and durability


  • Perforated slats are also available (hole proportion 5%, hole size 0,8mm)
  • Wireless radio control
  • Electronic sun and wind-activated control

Selection tool for slat blinds

1:1 Drawings of compact venetian blind VR 90 Triangel


Tender text for compact venetian blind VR 90 Triangel

Compact venetian blind Triangel VR 90 T

Compact venetian blinds with flanged slats, 90 mm wide, designed in a rectangular triangular shape. Suitable for sun shading or as a darkening system. The slats are horizontal when lowered, swivel-mounted on one side, and stacked on the end rail when they are raised. When retracted, the slats are always stowed in the supporting frame on the hypotenuse side.

Consisting of:

Supporting frame
The supporting structure is made of aluminium with built-in rockers, slotted pipe and motor drive. This construction must be accessible from the outside (mounting with screen plate)

Made from powder-coated aluminium, with plastic swivel joints and die-cast guide bolts.
Lowering when slats are closed, lifting when in open position. Slats pivot-mounted on one side. Slat colours from the Schenker colour range

Mounting strap
Made from polyester, reinforced with Kevlar and connected directly to the slats with stainless steel clamps.

Drop closure
Made from extruded, telescopic aluminium profile, powder-coated. The end rail rotates on one side and is connected to the lifting mechanism on the opposite side.

Lateral guide rails made from extruded aluminium, clear anodised, with noise-suppressing plastic insert and built-in lifting element.

Motor with a lower limit switch, integrated into the supporting channel, as well as plug-in connection (both parts).
Blind motors may not be connected in parallel).

All electrical connections must be set up by the customer.

We provide no guarantee for any damage and subsequent damage to blind systems caused by controllers supplied by the customer!

The system must not be operated under windy or frosty weather conditions.

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