Trends in pleated blinds

Elegantly folded fabric is a hot trend the worlds of fashion and interior décor, and these pleats are creating quite a stir.

An interplay of function...

As decorative glare and sight protection, pleated blinds are ideal for winter gardens, living rooms and bathrooms. They are versatile sun shading solutions when it comes to skylights and odd shaped windows. The fabric for the pleated blinds is available in various grades of transparency. Transparent fabrics allow you to look out as well as see in from the outside. Opaque fabrics let the daylight in without anybody being able to see through them. Dimout fabrics only let a minimal amount of light into the room. In addition to the varying degrees of light permeability, the fabrics also come in the most beautiful colours, patterns and textile structures.



... and aesthetics

The designers are always exploring new possibilities. They produce astonishing structures in new fabrics, inspired by trends in urban living and nature, sometimes with the help of sophisticated weaving technology. They even create different levels of transparency and effects. These exclusive designs with their fascinating textures that create vibrant reflections of light, were brought to life taking inspiration from cattle, the shadows cast by trees, lichen – everything with vivid, three-dimensional structures.



How do trends start?

We asked Eva Jordan, Product Manager for Textiles.

How can you spot a trend?

By paying special attention to the collective attitude and predominant propensities of contemporary society. For example, at the moment, sustainability is a well-known global trend. People want to increasingly surround themselves with nature, especially those living in built-up areas. This could be through urban gardening or in their own home, both indoors and outdoors. Our designers weave this trend into our current collection by incorporating motifs from nature.

How often is the Pleated Blinds Collection updated?

The lifetime of a collection usually spans over five years. If during this time, we discover new trends in colour schemes, for example, we can easily add these to the collection using trend cards. This does not mean by any stretch of the imagination that everybody follows trends when deciding on what furnishings to buy. Lots of people opt for durable high-quality products rather than what is in fashion – even before sustainability became a thing. “Classic beauties” are perfect for these consumers. That is why we have classic designs that remain in our collections for 20 years.

What will be the next trend?

It’s going to get colourful. The eighties revival is upon us, bringing with it the yearning for feel-good colours. In response to this, we have created designs with a WOW effect. For example, the DUETTE® Collection with special designs. Nature, colours and graphic elements were the source of inspiration that brought the design lines created by nature,passion of colours and inspired by graphic to life.